Yachting & Tourist Services


Yacht Services

We offer the following yacht services..

- Structural repairs on hull or deck, fiberglass or epoxy.

- Gel coat color matching and repairs.

- Osmosis treatment – grinding, peeling, drying, repairing & apply epoxy.

- Antifouling, copper coating and other seasonal work.

- Scraping, sanding and varnishing.

- Spray-painting, gelcoat, epoxy paints – Awlgrip

- Buff, polish and wax.

- Deck renovation, e.g. striping and applying a new surface.

- Project management of larger projects if you are away.

- Sandblasting and welding.

Plus more..


- Claes Nycander have a lifelong experience from boats & 1 years professionally from UK boat yard,
Nine Atlantic crossings as skipper where of one single handed.

- Moner Monier, technical yard manager, 8 years as professional painter and 8 more as carpenter on the huge yacht you see on the pictures.
And now 4 years with us, fixing all our boats.

- The cost for hireing skilled workers in Morocco is around 20% of what you would pay in Europe. The price for being on the hard is about 80% of the cost here. You can have the boat without any problens for one and a half year in Morocco without any poroblems with the customs and this can be prolonged as well.


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