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Crew Center for cruisers..

By the strait of GibraltarAlcaidesa Marina

We are now opening a crew center for "cruisers" in Alcaidesa Marina that is located by the beautiful and exiting strait of Gibraltar. What we mean with cruisers is sailors that are not going somewhere fast, on a time limit, but nice and easy and have made moving around with a boat thier lifestyle.. like me.

If you want to go sailing around the world as crew, or might be planning to buy your own yacht, you can get the necessary practice, preparation and knowhow to make yourself useful on any yacht.

We have sailed with paying crew for many years and know that the biggest problem with this is that they do not know what they are actually doing onboard, except for going somewhere. If this sounds harsh, it is beacause it is how i feel, and thats why I start the crew school. Please see a video that one of my crewmembers did about sailing with us and you will get an idea of what I mean Eight and One Dog - Sailing across the Atlantic (Documentary)

crew_with_knolledgeCrew with good knowledge and experience do normally not pay anything, except for their own food maybe. If you are planning to go on your own yacht the little money you invest with us will be well invested..

The training last for ten days and you will sail every day in complicated tidal waters as well as visiting many beautiful and exciting places around the area.

What we do in detail.alcaidesa_marina

How to sail - the cruising way. We have five boats of our own but access to many more on demand. You go sailing every day in beautiful seaworthy boats from 24 to 40 foot. We sail around the area of Gibraltar Strait and you get experience from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea.

alcaidesa_marinaHow to handle food. Buying, stowing, preparing food to last for a long time and then cooking it is a big part of making a happy ship – and we practice this every day.

How to handle the basic navigation equipment, like GPS, Radar, AIS, VHF, autopilot and wind rudder.

alcaidesa_marinaYou will learn how to handle the dingy, drive it, repair it, clean it.

alcaidesa_marinaFishing. We have all the rods and lures to make you in to an expert cruising fisherman and when we sail we fish, every day, how would we otherwise eat? :-)



alcaidesa_marinaFreediving, to clean the bottom of the boats, you just have to dive in there with fins, mask and snorkel.. there is no way of getting around it. So then it is good if you are able to do that in a comfortable way and know what you are doing. It is also a good way of catching something to eat, shooting a fish wiht a speargun, so we practice this as well.


alcaidesa_marinaMaking money on the way.. If you plan to sail around for some time you might want to think about how you shall bring in money. We have loads of experience with this and can also set you up with products that you can sell and work with "leagaly" on your travels.

alcaidesa_marina A bunk to sleep in.

Staying in shape. Every morning we get some exercise, up with the sun, run some, strech, and do some workout, depending on the curcumstances.

This is the best place to be at to find a boat. Every yacht heading south from Europe, every yacht coming from the US or the Caribbean heading in to the Mediterranean passes here. We help you to find the right boat, and give you the necessary references. You can advertise yourself over the VHF every morning and make sure you have he right boosted profile on Crewbay. We have contacts in the Carribean and in Las Palmas to help you plan and prepare for the next step of your adventure.

The course runs for ten days but when it is over you can for a minimal cost (€10/day) on one of the boats that we are cooperating with, until you find your own boat. alcaidesa_marina

Our company is is based in Tangier, Morocco but Alcaidesa Marina is the home port of the all boats. The cost for the ten days is €500 including VAT - to be paid in advance . As the boats are privately owned you might need your own insurance if you believe in that.

For booking and more questions.. please contact me directly via mail: claes.nycander@gmail.com
We also have a Facebook page where we post everything we do: https://www.facebook.com/ppsailingadventures

A collage of people that has sailed with us in the last two years.

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